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Exceed Basketball helps your child get faster, strong & more confident ON and OFF the court!

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Exceed Basketball's Mission

Exceed Basketball is dedicated to leveraging the sport of basketball to instill discipline, hard work, and resilience in children, equipping them with the skills necessary for lifelong success.

Our mission is to develop exceptional basketball talent among the youth in Sydney while developing enduring relationships that shape the next generation to succeed not only on the court but in all aspects of their lives.

Our Programs

We offer comprehensive training programs that provide the necessary guidance and structure for young athletes to maximise their potential and achieve success both on and off the basketball court.

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Meet Coach Tano

Long Lasting Results

Michelle Thompson

We have been so blessed to have found Tano to coach my son. He absolutely loves his 1 on 1 coaching sessions and group sessions too. Tano breaks each move down till it’s understood before moving forward. Rather then jumping from one thing to the next. He is also a great mentor and my son really looks up to him, and is inspired by Tano. I highly recommend Tano to any parents looking for a basketball coach. You won’t be disappointed.

Rebecca Hickman

Tano is a great teacher, coach and mentor. My 9yr old noticeably improved after only 3 training sessions. He is also kind, considerate, communicative and very professional at all times. I highly recommend him if your child needs support in developing their basketball skills and taking their game to the next level.

David Ding

My 9yo has been training with Tano for a year now. He enjoyed the trainings so much. Tano has also been helping with team trainings too. He can somehow motivate the boys to take persistent small steps week after week, it is amazing to observe. Definitely one of the best trainer in eastern suburbs. highly recommend.

Parents Checklist

  • Is your child's basketball skills in need of improvement?
  • Does your child struggle with confidence?
  • Is your child lacking fitness and strength?
  • Did your child face rejection when trying out for the basketball team?
  • Does your child want to boost their basketball IQ and deepen their understanding of the game?
  • Is your child gearing up for upcoming basketball competitions and needs to be ready?
  • Could your child benefit from instilling discipline, goal-setting abilities and a strong work ethic through basketball training?